“I had to block my queen from seeing this one because I don’t want to raise she pressure. But allyuh ent fine it’s time we take a stand against the police and start to kill them back…allyuh have to take a stand, lewwe come together and kill out the police. And don’t say we can’t do that because we could do anything we put we mind to.– ANONYMOUS MAN IN VIRAL AUDIO RECORDING 

 Chaos errupted in East Port of Spain yesterday after the killing of Akeil James. 


Hot on the heels of yesterday’s protest action by residents of East Port-of-Spain, a viral audio recording hears an anonymous man render the above words of advice to his audience. The voice note was, according to LoopTT.com, circulated following early morning protests in parts of Port of Spain and Laventille after Akile ‘Christmas’ James was shot and killed by police.

The audio hears the man make the above statement in a Trinidad and Tobago accent.