MurderTwo persons, one of whom is a police officer and the other, the son of a police inspector were released from police custody on Friday- this after they failed to be positively identified in the case of a 29- year- old man who was found dead on March 27th.

According to reports, the release of the two men, came upon the instruction of the Director of Public Prosecution.

Despite this however, investigations into the murder are ongoing.

The body of 29 year old, Freeport resident, Devindra Siewdass was found burnt in the Martiste Road, Hindustan area. Prior to the discovery of his body, officers reported that his father upon attempting to contact his son was told by his Siewdass’ kidnapper that there was a ransom for his son’s life in the sum of $2million dollars.

He was last seen alive when he left his Rudy Avenue home at around 6 pm on March 27th in his black Mitsubishi Libero station wagon. He was a courier, employed with DHL Services at Piarco.

Investigations continue.