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Police Officer Stable After Being Shot in Abdomen by Bandit.

Police Officer Stable After Being Shot in Abdomen by Bandit.

A police officer attached to the Gaparillo police station who was shot during a home invasion on Thursday afternoon is said to be in stable condition.

Police Officer Ananand Ram.

Police Officer Ananand Ram who was shot by one of the bandits in his abdomen, underwent emergency surgery.

Ram was shot in the abdomen during a gunfight after he confronted one of the alleged bandits who was trying to escape

According to police reports, around 4 pm three armed bandits broke into the home of a bank manager along Moze Drive, Gopaul Lands. They kept the woman under guard as they went through the house.

Police later responded after being contacted by neighbours and caught the bandits running away from the house.

The officers approached the bandits and there was an exchange of gunfire. Ram was taken to the San Fernando General Hospital where he underwent emergency surgery.

The bandit that was shot dead has been identified as 15-year- old Secondary school student Isaiah Simmons of Train Line Marabella.

Investigators said he was known to them, as he recently spent two days in custody in connection with a robbery.