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Police officers have recently been under attack.

Police officers have recently been under attack.

indexPolice officers across the country with the sudden spate in criminal activity have thus been under attack in separate incidents over the past week.

According to police reports an unidentified man attacked officers in the La Romaine area on Wednesday with a shovel resulting in him being shot several times and in the process, one officer sustained a gunshot wound.

Report stated that the man was called on to put the shovel down but he charged at the officers causing one of the lawmen to draw his firearm and fire, hitting the attacker in the arm.

In another case, a man whom police tried to apprehend, evaded arrest, and hurled stones at the officers, damaging the police vehicle in the process.

He was later arrested and remains in custody pending several charges.


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    Jerry Hussain 2 years

    We are not a set of mad people. Your sins do come back to haunt you. The police who are there to serve and protect must now ask themselves – does black lives matter? Yes it is a world wide problem where the typical policeman either is acting under strict instructions from higher ups who knows nothing about life but are into themselves or are just plain Marthas of the world. Jesus told Martha do not complain about Mary for she is doing the right thing NOT YOU. This is the story of Martha of the biblical story of Martha and Mary who invited Jesus to dine with them. Martha began complaining to Jesus that Mary was not helping her to prepare his meal. In a similar way they, the police are just complaining but they need to understand very carefully what to serve and protect means to a charged and impoverished society made so by very crooked leaders from 1956 to now. The uncle toms among us are well placed in their happy go lucky sweet heart lives to care about anything else but self. Meanwhile God shows us how to serve Him as Jesus tells us as he tells it to Martha that we need to come to know Him so that we can serve Him who created us all. So why are they under attack ….because they are quietly waging a war on us all. They need to wake up and smell the coffee.