PSA President Watson Duke

PSA President, Watson Duke

Reports reaching our Newsroom are that police officers have arrived at the offices of the Public Services Association Abercromby Street Port of Spain to arrest the PSA President Watson Duke.

The officers reportedly arrived a short while ago with warrants in hand to make the arrest.

However we understand that they were informed by Second Vice President Ian Murray that the PSA President had already vacated the premises.

News Power Now also understands that the officers are still at the PSA building awaiting his arrival.

Calls to Second Vice President Ian Murray proved futile.

Reports in the media this morning quoted the PSA president as saying that he was not guilty of rape.

Strongly denying the allegation yesterday, Duke said he is seeking advice from his attorneys.

Calls to the PSA President this morning proved futile.


News of a Union Leader allegedly sexually assaulting a 33 year old attorney after a meeting at a hotel in Port-of-Spain on Tuesday afternoon shook the entire country.

According to police reports, the victim, who lives in central Trinidad, reported the incident to officers at the Cunupia Police Station hours after it occurred.

News Power Now took to the streets of the Capital to find out from the man on the ground if women are often blamed by society as the root cause for such incidents to occur.

What was revealed was a lot of mixed views regarding women who were placed in uncomfortable circumstances.