A truck containing $500,000 worth of medical supplies, which was
destined for Tobago but was instead stolen from the Port- of- Spain Port Terminal was
recovered within minutes by officers of the Inter-Agency Task Force.

The victim, a driver for a transportation company in Caroni, reported to the Besson
Street Police Station, that the white 10-ton Mitsubishi truck, which he parked at the
terminal around midday Sunday was stolen while he was conducting business at the
ticketing area.

Within fifteen minutes of receiving the report, officers on mobile patrol in the Beetham
Gardens district, responded and discovered the said vehicle parked at the corner of
17th Street and Back Street.

Upon approaching the officers observed a male suspect exiting the vehicle and escape
on foot.

The truck along with all of its contents, was found to be in good order by the victim, and
was subsequently conveyed to the Besson Street Police Station.