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Police Rescue Schoolgirl Shortly after Kidnapping.

Police Rescue Schoolgirl Shortly after Kidnapping.

Within hours of being kidnapped, police rescued a 15-year-old schoolgirl of Cumuto who had been abducted by a masked man while doing laundry outside her home around 5:45pm yesterday.

A 27-year-old man of St. Marie Emmanuel Road, Coryal, has been detained and is assisting the police with their investigations.

The girl’s father reported to police that the victim was snatched and dragged into a nearby forested area by a man wielding a cutlass. Officers of the Northern and Eastern Divisions, the Guard and Emergency Branch, Canine Unit and the Air Support Unit, went into immediate action, resulting in the rescue of the girl, who was found hidden under a bed in the home of the assailant.

Extensive searches were carried out in the forested areas within a wide radius of the scene of the kidnapping and roadblocks were mounted.

Based on information, officers proceeded to a house at St. Marie Emmanuel Road, around 7:30pm, where they found a male occupant. A search of the house resulted in the victim being found cowering in fear under a bed, following which, the male suspect was arrested.

The victim was taken to the Sangre Grande hospital for medical treatment. The suspect is due to be charged later today.