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Police retrieve guns and ammunition.

Police retrieve guns and ammunition.

NEWS GRAPHIC 15At around 5:30 pm yesterday, police officers went to a drug block located at Lengua Road Indian Walk, in the vicinity of a teak field. The officers observed two men standing in the teak field and upon seeing the party of officers the men ran deeper into the field.

The officers gave chase and one of the men drew a metal object resembling a firearm which he pointed in the direction of the approaching officers, who cautioned the man to drop the object.

The man complied and a search was conducted of his person.

A quantity of a “rock like” substance resembling cocaine, a quantity of marijuana, and one Smith & Wesson 9mm pistol and 10 rounds of 9mm ammunition, were found in his possession.

A further search was conducted for the second suspect who was held a short distance away with a quantity of a “rock like” substance resembling cocaine and 10 rounds of .38 ammunition.

Both men ages twenty three (23) and twenty two (22) were arrested and taken to the police station pending enquiries.

Meanwhile, at around 9:40 pm, an exercise was conducted in the Central Division, by a party of officers and members of the Central Division Task Force and Central Division Operations Unit.

Two police constables attached to the Central Division Operations Unit were on mobile patrol along the Enterprise district, when they observed a white Nissan Tiida traveling at a high speed along Dass Trace.

The officers gave chase and observed the front left side passenger of the vehicle throw a metal object into a bushy area.

The officers conducted a search along the bushy area and found 1 semi-automatic pistol along with 3 rounds of .25 ammunition.

During the same exercise, at around 10:25pm a warrant was executed at an address in Longdenville Chaguanas, where the house of a 38 year old man was searched.

Police recovered 1 revolver and 6 rounds of .22 calibre ammunition.