Police are searching for three suspects who may be suffering from gunshot wounds following a police-involved shooting in the Sea Lots area Tuesday morning.

At around 3:10am officers were on patrol along Production Avenue, Sea Lots when several loud explosions were heard.

The officers responded and on reaching the 2nd Street, Sea Lots, they observed three men wearing dark hoodies, all armed with firearms.

One of the men pointed a rifle in the direction of the marked police vehicle and several loud explosions were heard.

Officers returned fire in accordance with the Use of Force policy, discharging several rounds in the direction of the suspects.

Then suspects ran south on 2nd Street and made their escape.

Checks were also made at the Port of Spain General Hospital however no one fitting the descriptions arrived at hospital seeking medical attention.

Anyone with information is asked to contact 800-TIPS, 555, 999, 911 or any police station, or text/WhatsApp information to 482- GARY (4279).