The Police Social and Welfare Association is today taking aim at comments made by Police Commissioner Gary Griffith at a press conference on Thursday.

Commissioner Griffith revealed  that he would recommend that police officers entering the force be retained on contract.

This he said would allow for greater accountability and work performance evaluation, thus making it easier to weed out rogue elements.

He maintained that he would then be in a position to not renew the contracts of those who have not been performing optimally.

However President of the Association Acting ASP Michael Seales told News Power that it is clear that the Police Commissioner is woefully ill advised.

He said that officers do not embark on illicit activities in the first three years of service rather history shows that it is the seasoned veterans who are perpetrating the crimes.

Acting ASP Seales also stated that the Association could not support any other contractual arrangement for police officers as, historically, this was found to be ineffective.