Political Analyst, Rishi Maharaj, is suggesting to the government, that for remainder of its time in office, ways should be found to restore confidence in the local economy and ensure reliability in sea transportation between Trinidad and Tobago.
He made the proposal during an interview with News Power Now this afternoon.

Mr. Maharaj noted that moving forward the government must address the country in crucial aspects of national life and development.


He also commented on the recent announcement by the Attorney General of an audit to be carried out in all state agencies after Cambridge Analytica said publicly that it worked a political campaign for the former People Partnership Government.

There are allegations globally that the firm used data mining on social media platform Facebook to target ads and other marketing efforts to help Donald Trump win the United States Presidential election.

Mr. Maharaj noted that the probe by the state should be a move aimed at getting the facts and taking appropriate action if there is need to do so and not to score political points.