matt 1 Political interference, is still on the front burner in the practice of journalism

So says the Media Association of Trinidad and Tobago as we join the world in observing World Press Freedom Day.

The day is set aside to champion the fundamental principles of press freedom and evaluates press freedom around the world.

The theme for this year’s celebration is “21st Century Media: New Frontiers, New Barriers”.

MATT in a media Statement says here in Trinidad and Tobago the media continues to
be vigilant about the state’s role in the media, particularly CNMG and the continuing situation there as regards the ability of that company’s journalists to do their work.

The Statement also says as we celebrate Trinidad and Tobago’s ranking on the Press Freedom Index as one of the Caribbean countries with the most extensive press freedom, we are cognisant of the challenges that threaten this.

MATT also sent a stern warning  that not all threats to press freedom come from external factors.
The statement went on to say that In assessing the state of the media today, there are many internal factors that threaten to erode the very freedom we support.

Among them Low salaries, lack of ethics, lack of training and media managers who only care about the bottom line are among the factors that challenge the freedom of the press every day.

Written by Newspower Journalist