Political Scientist Dr. Indira Rampersad describes as interesting, the Prime Minister’s,  decision to assume the Housing Minister portfolio as part of changes made to his cabinet today.

Speaking in a News Power Now interview this afternoon, Dr. Rampersad said the Prime Minister’s move to head the Ministry of Housing is a significant one, bearing in mind the increasing demand for homes provided by the state.

She said the cabinet reshuffle can be an indication of dissatisfaction over how operations have been going in the government.

In a statement issued earlier today, the Office of the Prime Minister said Dr. Rowley had advised President Paula Mae Weeks to make the following changes.

  • The reassignment of Mr. Darryl Smith as Minister in the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development;
  • The reassignment of Ms. Shamfa Cudjoe as Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs;
  • The reassignment of Mr. Randall Mitchell as Minister of Tourism;
  • The revocation of the appointment of Mr. Maxie Cuffie as Minister of Public Administration and  Communications and reassignment of Mr. Cuffie as Minister in the Ministry of Public Administration and Communications;
  • The appointment of Marlene Mc Donald as Minister of Public Administration and Communications; and
  • The revocation of the Prime Minister’s assignment as Minister with responsibility for Public Administration and Communications, and in addition to his present duties as Prime Minister, appoint him as Minister of Housing and Urban Development.