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Politicians and Political Parties caught off guard by referring to Anti-gay Slurs against each other

NEWS GRAPHIC 15In the heat of elections, politicians and political parties may be caught off guard by referring to anti-gay slurs against each other.

One Non-Governmental Organization, The Silver Lining Foundation is condemning an apparent rise in the use of homophobic phrases during the 2015 general election campaign trail.

In a statement last week, the non-governmental organization said it had noted a rise of such “slurs and innuendos”, which has “overwhelmed the general tone of the election race amongst all parties, candidates and their supporters.

The foundation is calling all parties and candidates contesting this year’s general election, and their supporters, to refrain from using discrimination as a cheap political plot against the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersexed (LGBTI) community to garner political support and votes.

The foundation said The further use of vulgar, divisive or persecutory language undermines the human rights of these persons, and has no place on political platforms or on social media