Minister in the Ministry of Legal Affairs, Fitzgerald Hinds, says he believes the presentation by Dr Keith Rowley last evening is the new modern way in which leaders should communicate with their citizens.

Prime Minister, Dr Keith Rowley, spent the second part of his Mind Your Business report to the nation Monday evening on several matters including the restructuring of Petrotrin, job loss and creation, fuel subsidy reform, infrastructure projects to be done, savings, upstream projects in the energy sector and diversification projects and programme.

Speaking on the Power Breakfast Show, on Power 102.1 FM aon Tuesday morning, Mr Hinds said he gave the presentation 11 out of 10.

He explained that the presentation empowered the citizens and gave them valuable information that they otherwise may not have known or accepted.

He added that the inclusion of the data to support the facts made the information easier to accept.

Meanwhile, opposition MP, Dr Fuad Khan was less flattered by the presentation.

He questioned how many of these projects will actually create a dent in the economy.

He also pointed out that while the Prime Minister highlighted cutting the costs of projects initiated by the People’s Partnership, local labour is being sacrificed as a result