After The Civil Assets Recovery and Management and Unexplained Wealth Bill 2019 to forfeit the ill gotten gains of gang leaders and white collar criminals, the time is right to put legislation in place to regulate the investment in election campaigns as a means of securing Government contracts 

On Wednesday 17th April we examined the corrupting influence of investment in campaigns 

We brought to you the claims made by the major parties against each other on taking bribe funding, the disadvantages that small political parties experience in raising funds 

And asked the question – Should the state give funds to all parties to campaign on an equal footing without corruption? 

We investigated the unfulfilled promises made by the two major parties to bring legislation to regulate campaign financing 

We hosted representatives and activists from Political Parties, Independent commentators and Lawyers , talking to you this Wednesday as we go INFOCUS Campaign Finance Reform all day on Power 102

Full coverage will be made available below shortly