The Representation of The Peoples Act of Trinidad & Tobago makes provisions for eligible Nationals to have the franchise to vote for their choice of an MP in The House of Representatives. This essentially means the winning candidate advocates on their behalf in The Parliament.

Constituents in Trinidad & Tobago’s 41 constituencies have many expectations in terms of Representation for Infrastructure, Services, Jobs and to be their voice on Legislative and other issues affecting Trinidad & Tobago.

This Wednesday January 30 2019, we go “In Focus on “Representation“ WE hand the airwaves of Power 102 over to you …The People.

Post your contribution to our comments below or to our message board during the day all day Wednesday. Tell us Your Constituency, Elected Member of Parliament , Councillor for your area AND if you feel you are being adequately Represented – What’s working for you in your area, what’s not working, and what would you like to see done by your MP & Councillor


In Focus All day this Wednesday – The Issue of Representation only on Power 102 Empowering You!!!

FULL Recordings of the Day’s Programming will be posted below