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Business Corner – Sept 9th 2019


Late August to early September, Hurricane Dorian again showed the devastating power of tropical weather systems. The often long process of recovery, relief, and re-building of infrastructure and lives that follows includes operations to restore power, communications, and services. Brian Acham and José Pardo (Redcom/Microdyne), Christine Van der Heide, Brian Haire (The Adex Corp) and Kevin Kowalik (HCI Energy) offer some technology and practical solutions for disaster preparation and management.
With Finance Minister, Colm Imbert, set to deliver the 2019/20 Budget on October 7, a 4-part series of excerpts begins with noted economist, Dr. Ralph Henry, of Kairi Consultants, giving his thoughts about what’s needed to ignite the economy.
And Yoland Agard-Simmons, of the Association of Female Executives of Trinidad+Tobago (AFETT) gives details about the latest edition of their ‘Suit Me Up’ campaign, that offers women workplace attire at heavily-discounted prices, and helps fund university bursaries for them.


Business Corner – Sept 2nd 2019

Samsung’s newest premium smartphones, the Note10 and Note10 Plus, officially hit stores in late August. They offer next-gen’ storage, come with a functional S-Pen, and for the 1st time,
ditch the traditional headphones in favour of a pair of USB earbuds. Latin America mobile sales manager, Jarrod Best-Mitchell, explains their billing as ‘faster and better for work, capturing and editing video, and playing virtual games’,- and  the removal of the micro-SD card in the ’10’.
Dawn Richards, of D.R.A. Consulting, talks about how companies can improve customer service and business fortunes through their employees, first.
Then, Simone Francois-Whittier describes the transition from legal practice to the launch, in June 2019, of IndelimeTT, a commercial beverage venture- after a decade of making
fruit-based cocktails and liqueurs as a hobby.

Business Corner – Aug 26th 2019


According to Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Rowley, the public service faces “a systematic problem, resulting from antiquated arrangements for modern realities”. Having spent more than a decade working in it, Rishi Maharaj, of the consultancy, EquiGov, explains some of the reasons for that, and the need for ‘a business process re-engineering’, as well as the political will and funding to turn things around.

General Manager, Investment Services, at First Citizens, Sana Ragbir, gives an idea of the options available for growing even the most limited of available savings, and the role interest rates play.

The 14th edition of the mostly-biennial Caribbean Festival of the Arts, CariFesta, took place in Trinidad+Tobago from August 16-25. Just a handful of the many regional small traders present speak about life in the craft and fashion industries.


– Business Corner – Aug 19th 2019

In 2009, an American college junior, observing that days existed for everything from tin cans to turtles, moved to celebrate the people who start businesses around products and services that helped change or shape the way we live, and make our economies tick. With World Entrepreneurs Day, on August 21, we assembled a special panel comprising some of them, and the people who assist with funding, training, and technical know-how: Cathy Collins, of Copa de Leche, (producers of flavoured ‘ponche de creme’ drinks), Alpha Sennon, founder of W(e) H(elp) Y(ouths) Farm, Lisa-Marie Laveau-Best, the founder of ExHale Express (a health and wellness entity), Nicola Harvey, of the We Say Yes organization (that works in at-risk  areas) and Jaysen Francis, President of the League of Extraordinary Entrepreneurs. They speak about the essential traits needed, challenges faced, creating opportunities, and what technology can, and be made to do.


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