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Business Corner – June 15th 2020

With most of the lockdown to deal with the co’vid-19 pandemic eased, the chairman of the Tobago division
of the Trinidad+Tobago Chamber of industry and Commerce, Diane Hadad, says the private sector, supported by
financial institutions and government must re-design the nation’s economy.
We meet Neil Beekie, a Trinidadian who used his energy sector background to set up OperAid, and develop
a ‘digital workflows’ system that attracted attention from the global oil and gas industry, and Silicon Valley.
Then, financial and investment consultant, Ian Narine, suggests, that with the likely long-term impact of
co’vid 19 on personal and household income, people take disciplined decisions to make any future earnings count.

Business Corner – June 1st 2020

In more of the co’vid-19 conversations, the founder of the Trinidad-based multi-national initiative,
W(e)H(elp)Y(ouths) Farm, Alpha Sennon, examines how individual initiatives and the proper implementation
of government policy can help improve the country’s food security.
As the phased re-opening of the economy continues, Jason Maitland, of the Caribbean office of  the
UK-headquartered Institution Occupational Safety and Health(iOSH) underscores the need for ample communications,
safety and support measures, especially with the work environment extended, in many cases, to the home.
And, after the finance minister said that up to one-third of the working population may be outside
the tax system, executive director(tax matters) at E(rnst and)Y(oung), Colin Ramsey, says additional state spending
on pandemic relief measures and less revenue from energy companies underscores the importance of compliance

Business Corner – May 4th 2020

The co’vid-19 conversations continue…first with Ocey Phillips, the founder of Valur., and operations manager at Inifye, 2 technology companies. He says the pandemic underscores the need for a co-ordinated public-private sector digital strategy that improves customer experience, revises existing business models, and, with some employees allowed to work from home more,  addresses security issues. The C.E.O. of the Exim Bank, Navin Dookeran, says the temporary disruption of supply chains could present opportunities for exporters to access new markets, and gives details of a new for(eign)ex(change) facility for companies dealing with ‘essential items’. And financial planner, Christopher Gouveia (agency manager and trainer at the insurance company, Sagicor), returns, after 8 months, with timely tips for managing money, and how to plan ahead for crisis situations.


Business Corner – Feb 17th 2020

With the mass availability of the 1st homegrown music streaming service, Caziq, delayed to at least mid-2020, the C.E.O. of Precision Global Music,  leading producer Kasey Phillips and attorney Antonya Pierre, of Hove & Associates, assess how a platform developed in Trinidad may benefit local artistes.
In 2018, the Central Bank put household debt at over 55 billion dollars, and described it as ‘a vulnerability to an otherwise sound financial system’.
We hear from Bernard Fernandes, the C.E.O. of AV Knowles, about dealing with delinquent individuals and companies, and the collection and credit reporting agency’s move into pre-employment checks.
In the 3rd excerpt from his presentation at the American Chamber’s Economic forum on January 30th, the Caribbean Development Bank’s Director of Economics, Dr. Justin Ram, talks about resilience-financing, and the need for a digital payments platform.
Then, Aaron Nerahoo explains the thinking behind, and future plans for, the specially-trimmed, branded-on-demand coconuts, introduced with his associate, Anderson Williams, in 2017, as Johnny’s Young Coconuts.

Business Corner – Jan 10th 2020

On Feb 5, the formal launch of a Stakeholders Association seeking to advance the growing fin/tech sector of digital startups.
Aldwyn Wayne, C.E.O., and Keisha Wayne, Chief Compliance Officer, of WiPay (which facilitates paperless money transactions), and Matthew Moses, director, at the online insurance platform, Shyft TT, speak to the promise of faster, cheaper and more convenient services for the public, and of operating within the existing regulatory and legal frameworks.
Transparency advocate, Afra Raymond, comments about Trinidad and Tobago’s continuing slide on the annual global Corruption Perception Index, saying passage of the Procurement Act, and the role of the courts are of vital importance.
With the authorities announcing a ban on glass bottles on Carnival parade days, for security and safety reasons, drinks categories manager at the Carib Brewery, Antron Forte, and Kenny Attai, head of the Operations Command Centre for the Tribe group of mas’ bands, tell of how the beverage alliance and others parties are adjusting.
And we air the 2nd excerpt from the paper on the region’s future prospects, presented by the Director of Economics at the Caribbean Development Bank, Dr. Justin Ram, at an American Chamber forum on January 30th 2020

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