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POS General Hospital workers protest food supply and equipment shortage

Kitchen staff attached to the Port-of-Spain General Hospital came together in solidarity today, to highlight their frustrations with several provisions at the hospital that are not functioning.

Workers staged a protest knocking pots and pans in front of the emergency entrance in anger over several issues regarding the lack of food stock and the steaming equipment for the preparation of meals.

News Power Now spoke with the President of the Trinidad and Tobago Registered Nurses Association, Idi Stewart who said the main problem with the RWHA system would be a constant supply of goods by their main supplier.

Mr. Stewart also said dwindling finances have clouded the hospital and thus food stock items are low on supply.

Meanwhile the Registered Nursing Association President added that the ambulance service aligned to the NWRHA has come under some contention as the vehicles with which attendants and patients are transported in, were not designed for the required job.