Port of Spain Mayor Joel Martinez has dismissed speculation that the Charlotte Street Vendors will not be allowed to return.

The City Corporation has suspended operations on the street by registered vendors for the month of January, to allow for cleaning and upgrading .

But Power 102.1fm has been told that no work has been in progress, and that some vendors believe the City’s plan is to have them removed entirely. These fears were expressed, in light of a development last year, in which the corporation had sought to transfer the vendors from Charlotte to George Streets, but this was over-ridden by the Minister of Local Government.

In response, the Mayor told us that while no work is being undertaken at the moment, the plan holds, for the work to be completed in the stipulated six week period, and that the vendors would be allowed back after this.

He said one of the issues is the unavailability of a City Engineer, the incumbent having gone of vacation leave, following a vote of no confidence in his performance.

But, insisted, the projected works will be undertaken, and will be completed in the stipulated time.