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Post Mortem of Four-year-old Amaya Samuel Inconclusive

A Post Mortem performed at the Forensic Science Centre in St James on the four year old girl who fell in Valsayn has proven inconclusive according to reports.

Four-year-old Amaya Samuel died as a result of blunt force trauma to her head and neck. However, the cause of this trauma is inconclusive.

Photographs of the child’s body and samples of her blood were taken before the body was released to relatives yesterday.

This has delayed the funeral of the child to Friday at 2pm.


Amaya Samuel was last seen alive at about 9pm on Sunday when she was with her grandmother and baby brother at their East Grove Apartment Building C Valsayn home.

According to reports, the grandmother went outside to have a conversation with a neighbor. The child was then asked to go inside and bring her baby brother’s stroller.

Moments later, the grandmother went inside the apartment to put the baby to bed, as he had fallen asleep, when she realized that Amaya was missing.

The grandmother raised an alarm and a search was conducted and young Amaya’s body was found a short distance away.

Investigations are continuing.