Crime-scene-do-not-cross-bannerPost Mortems are expected to be performed today, on the advanced decomposing bodies of 30 year old Anika Gabriel and her fourmonth old son Sydney.

The bloated bodies were discovered by police yesterday morning in Gabriel’s home at Ralph Narine Trace South Oropouche. According to reports, at 9 yesterday morning, Wayne Phallander of Rumstill Ave. Rousillac went to the home to take milk for his son Sydney.

Phallander, a labourer employed with the Siparia Regional Corporation, said the door was locked, Gabriel did not answer, and he smelled a foul scent. He then went to the back of the house, stood on a brick and looked inside, where he saw Gabriel’s bloated body on the bed. He said that there was no sight of the baby.

Phallander then contacted the Oropouche police who responded, broke down the door of the ten by ten shack, and found both bodies in a very decomposed state on the bed, with Sydney in Gabriel’s arms.

Region three Homicide and Oropouche police continue their investigations. They have not ruled out Homicide, neither have they ruled out murder suicide.