In crime news, a police exercise in south Trinidad has resulted in over a thousand rounds in ammunition along with an illegal firearm.

The police service says at around 7 last night a party of officers attached to the southern division rapid response unit, received information and went to an abandoned lot along st joseph road, mon repos.

Officers says during a search they found two duffel bags containing 589 rounds of 7.62 ammunition, 857 rounds of 5.56 ammunition, 114 rounds of .380 ammunition, 3 rounds of .9 ammunition, 28 rounds of 63.5 ammunition, 100 rounds of .22 ammunition, 1 glock 17 optical guide laser, 3 ammunition pouches, 1 glock 17 magazine and 1 glock 17 extended magazine.

No one was arrested in connection with the find.




Two men are now in police custody after being held by the coast guard with 152 bottles of illegal alcohol.

A release from the coast guard says that around 10 am yesterday, an interceptor vessel was on routine patrol 5 miles north entrada point and had cause to board a vessel named “shark”.

It says the vessel, along with its occupants were taken back to Staubles bay, where a search was conducted.

Officers say this is when the illegal alcohol was found.

One of the men is a Trinidadian and the other a Venezuelan.