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by | May 4, 2016

CrimeReport2A 19-year-old woman from the San Juan area was shot and killed last night by a stray bullet.

According to police reports the young lady who works as a cashier went to throw garbage outside her home and was caught in the middle of gunfire.

The shooting took place on Monday night as gunmen opened fire on two men.

She was killed instantly.

According to police reports, around 9 pm police were alerted to gunshots on Bagatelle Road, San Juan. When they arrived they found Karin Grant dead along with a man who remained unidentified up to late yesterday.

A third man was shot in the leg and is warded in a stable condition at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex.

Police believe one or both men were the gunmen’s target and suspect the shooting may be in retaliation to a shooting in Laventille Road last week.

Police said the unidentified dead man was sitting on a staircase peeling oranges when he was ambushed.


CrimeReport2A seventeen year old young woman and her 17 month old baby are lucky to be alive this morning.

Amy Babwah used quick thinking yesterday when she grabbed her baby and hid behind a wardrobe as gunmen entered their Marabella home and pumped multiple bullets into her husband’s body

The teenage mom and her seven-month-old baby girl escaped injury but her 35-year-old husband, Selwyn John, died in the living room of their Bayshore home.

Police reports state that John was killed one day after his neighbour, 22- year -old Dixon Richards, who lived a few houses away, was shot dead in front his home.

John’s attackers are said to have invaded his home at around 11pm.

The murders have left residents of the area fearful that the incidents may be a part of a turf war.

An autopsy revealed John was shot seven times.

San Fernando police are continuing investigations.

In other crime news…

CrimeReport2A double murder in the San Juan area is being investigated by police authorities.

The murders took place at Bagatelle Road, San Juan.

A 19-year-old woman and an unidentified man were shot to death yesterday.

According to reports, the woman, identified as Karen Grant and the man, were shot in the stairwell of an apartment complex.

Reports indicate that around 9 pm on Monday night, shots were heard and when a party of officers from the North Eastern Division investigated they found the body of a woman lying on a staircase outside a house and that of a man at the top of the staircase.

Another man nursing gun shot wounds to his foot was also found and is said to be receiving medical attention.

Reports say the murders were as the result of a reprisal shooting related to an incident on Laventille road area.

Investigations are continuing.


CrimeReport2The inaction of police in a case involving the sexual assault and subsequent pregnancy and childbirth of a minor in the Moruga area, is being scrutinized.

A 12 year old girl has reportedly given birth to a baby girl at the San Fernando General Hospital. The minor was rushed to the San Fernando General hospital after complications arose, putting a damper on plans for a home delivery.

News Power Now understands that the hospital staff became concerned upon realizing that the mother to be had never attended clinic and had no medical records. The first form pupil – a resident of Penal Rock Road is said to be a victim of incest and rape at the hands of close male relatives.

Her mother, reports state, suffered a stroke and was an inpatient at the time of the young girl’s delivery. Concerned relatives of the young mother have said that several reports were made to police, to no avail.

The girl has since been removed from her home and is said to be currently staying with one of the male relatives, believed to be the father of the newborn baby.

Local government councilor, Phillip Gonzales has since said he is aware of the situation.