Police are investigating the murder of a 23-year-old man whose body was found this morning in Cap De Ville, Point Fortin.

LoopTT reports that according to initial reports, the body of Keston Henry, of Fortune Street, Egypt Village, was found Tuesday morning near a busy area of North Trace, Cap De Ville.

A knife and a hacksaw blade were found near his body.

It appeared that the 23-year-old man had been stabbed to death.

Henry was a ‘PH’ taxi driver who was last seen at about 5:40 pm on Monday.

He was plying his trade along the roadway, a short distance away from where his body was found.

Investigations are continuing.


Two former Special Force officers attached to the Trinidad and Tobago Regiment, have been arrested and a firearm used only by the US armed forces, seized by Trinidad and Tobago police officers in the Princes Town area.

The men were detained by officers after reports of a shooting at Hindustan in Princes Town. A 32 year old man, identified as Jackson Buchoon- a deportee who is a resident of the Laventille area, was reportedly shot several times about the body at around 4:45am while at the residence of his in laws.

He is said to have heard a noise and went into the yard to investigate when he was ambushed and shot.

A report was made to the police and an all-points bulletin was put into effect.

Officers of the Central Division subsequently spotted a vehicle fitting the description given. The men were pulled over and three guns were seized, among them, the secret service fully automatic weapon. News Power Now has learnt that it was only on one occasion prior, that a weapon of similar type, was seized in this country.

The two suspects are also residents of the Laventille area.