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Power 102.1fm Crime Report

Power 102.1fm Crime Report

Eye-on-Crime-logo-small-2A Fyzabad man, Trevor Creft, was found guilty for attempted murder of his wife at the San Fernando Third Criminal Court yesterday. The guilty verdict was handed down by the jury despite the fact that the complainant refused to testify against her attacker.

According to reports, Tricia Anthony told the presiding judge and jury at the magistrate’s court last week (prior to the High Court Trail) that she had forgiven her common-law husband. Despite evident scares on her neck while she stood in the witness box yesterday, she still told prosecution that she did not remember what happened.

Justice Maria Wilson was forced to deem her a ‘hostile witness’, after she deliberately denied facts taken in her testimony at the Preliminary Inquiry. The State then sought to rely on Anthony’s mother and brother’s testimony, however they also were uncooperative and deemed ‘hostile witnesses’ as well.

After the jury deliberated for approximately one hour, they found Creft guilty of attempted murder. The incident occurred June 19, 2009 after Anthony claimed she was attacked by Creft with a seven-inch knife. She received injuries across her throat and lost the use of her fingers on her right hand.