Police are currently investigating the murder of a man Maturita, Arima.

According to preliminary reports, a security guard was shot during a robbery involving a van which was carrying cigarettes and other goods.

Our partners at Looptt.com report that at approximately 8:00 am today, a delivery truck had stopped at a shop on Kingdom Drive, Maturita.

Assailants are said to have attacked and shot the security guard and escaped with the vehicle.
He died at the scene.

The vehicle was later found abandoned in the Heights of Guanapo.


An Arima man is now dead after a brazen shooting by an unknown gunman on Tuesday night.

According to our partners at LOOPTT, CCTV footage shows a young man walking into a home where two men were seated and appearing to shoot the man several times.

The attacker then stood over the man, firing more shots.

The man was identified as 41-year-old Marvin Bridgeman, of Winston Mulligan Drive, Phase Four La Horquetta.

The shooting was said to have taken place around 7:00 pm in Bridgeman’s garage.

He died on the spot.

Snr Sup Ramdhanie, Insp Birch, Insp Ali, Sgt Waldropt, Cpl Bernard responded.

Investigations are continuing.