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Power 102.1fm Crime Reports

Power 102.1fm Crime Reports

Eye-on-Crime-logo-small-2Recent murder spikes in Sangre Grande have raised a cause for concern from the district police and the Member of Parliament for the area.

MP for Sangre Grande, Glenda Jennings-Smith spoke at a Police Service town meeting on Wednesday at Festival Park, Valencia.

She stated that she has become very worried at the recent murder toll in the district where five people were killed in separate killings.

The three separate murders in the usually calm district were: 43 year old Wendell Thomas, who was shot dead on April 3; 43 year old Shelton Sutton, shot dead on April 4 and 36 year old Sheldon Raymond, shot dead on April 6.

There were also two murders that happened at Copper’s Bar in Valencia on February 26 and March 5. The victims were Steven Villaroel and Seon Edwards. No one has been charged.

Jennings-Smith added what shocked her further was two of the murder victims were shot dead in the presence of their children and wives. The two murders happened only a day apart.

However, Assistant Superintendent Mario Robain said to the residents, that they should not live in fear. He explained due to the rising crime, he and his officers are there to safeguard the community.

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Eye-on-Crime-logo-small-2A Chinese national appeared in court charged with laundering 1 million dollars and operating an unlicensed gaming house.

Officers of the Financial Investigations Bureau (FIB) arrested the accused at his home yesterday.

Kwok Keung Chow of SS Erin Road, Debe appeared before Magistrate Deborah Ann Antoine in the San Fernando Magistrates’ Court yesterday. Chow was in possession of 656,800 TT dollars, 8,500 US dollars and 1,070 Canadian dollars at the time of his arrest. He was charged under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

On his second charge, under the Gaming Act, he reportedly used his home as a gaming house, contrary to the Gambling and Betting Act. He pleaded not guilty.

Chow was granted 700,000 dollars bail. The cases were postponed to May 3.