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PP Minister Says Opposition Leader’s Words Are Damaging

PP Minister Says Opposition Leader’s Words Are Damaging

Acting Minister of Finance and the Economy Minister, Vasant Bharath, has condemned repeated public statements made on the political hustings by the Opposition Leader, who has accused the government of blocking the publication of an International Monetary Fund report which deals with Trinidad and Tobago’s economy.

Minister Bharath, in a News Power Now interview said the statements made by Dr. Rowley were damaging and reckless, and he called on the Opposition to stop using the Local Government Election campaign to engineer misinformation, calculated to mislead the public, particularly where the status and standing of the country can be compromised in the international arena.

Minister Bharath said the Government of Trinidad & Tobago has, at no time attempted to block, frustrate or delay the publication of the 2013 IMF Article 4 consultation report or any report of any other global institution.

He said the IMF report was published by that body on October 3rd 2013 and it can be accessed by anyone on the IMF website as well as via the Ministry of Finance website.

Minister Bharath added that the IMF report points to recovery in 2013.

According to the 2013 IMF Report on the economy of Trinidad and Tobago, growth in real GDP is projected at 1.5 percent; overall growth in the non-energy sector of around 2.5 percent; gross non-financial public sector debt as manageable at 39 percent of GDP; gross official reserves remained strong at US$9.2 billion or 12.5 months of import cover.