Police are today investigating the brutal murder of a pregnant woman and her spouse, which took place in Wallerfield, yesterday afternoon.

The incident took place at around 4pm at Brazil Road. The 19-year-old mother to be, identified as Danielle Yearwood and her unborn child’s father, Ricardo Daloo were shot at close range while seated in on a car that was being driven by Daloo.

The victims lived at KP Lands, Valencia.

Their deaths came just two days after two men from Valencia were murdered and their bodies dumped near a bridge in Manzanilla.
Police said in that double murder, Sangre Grande police officers responded to a call of a body found near the Moran bridge. On arrival they found the body of Emile “Shrek” Coker, 32, in some bushes. A short distance away the body of 27-year-old Cruz Gomez was found behind an abandoned shack.
Anyone with information on these crimes, is asked to call CRIME STOPPERS at 800-TIPS.