The Police Service Commission reveals that it has submitted its nominations for the positions of Commissioner of Police and Deputy Commissioners of Police to President Anthony Carmona in accordance with the procedures set out in Section 123 of the Constitution.

The candidates who vied for the open positions underwent a comprehensive, rigorous process to determine their suitability for the roles.

This included psychometric testing, panel interviews, scenario testing, professional and security vetting, financial and background checks, and medical assessments.

In a media release today, the PSC said the next step in the process is for the President, in accordance with the Constitution, to issue a notification in respect of the highest graded candidates, which shall be subject to affirmative resolution from the House of Representatives.

The Commission shall appoint the Commissioner of Police or Deputy Commissioners of Police only after the notifications are approved.

It said the submission of the nominations is a major step towards the continuity and stability of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service executive leadership and bringing about the transformational and positive changes desired within the organization.