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President Carmona to make his first Parliament address today…

president-carmona1The fourth session of the Tenth Parliament opens today, with President Anthony Carmona making his first Parliamentary address.

The opening will take place at Tower D of the Waterfront Towers on Wrightson Road, Port of Spain, where sittings have been held since the Red House, the original home of the Parliament, is presently under renovation.

Mr. Carmona will deliver the opening address, attended by members of both the Upper and Lower Houses and specially invited guests.

A news release from the Ministry of Communications stated that the House of Representatives will later meet in the Parliament Chamber, while the Senate will convene at the J Hamilton Maurice Room on the Mezzanine Level.

Senate Sitting

The Senate sitting will also be buzzing with the entry of four new Independent Senators, Anthony Vieira, Dhanayshar Mahabir, Ian Roach and David Small, who were appointed by President Anthony Carmona on Wednesday.

Members of both Houses will then meet together, along with members of the judiciary in the Parliament chamber for the President’s address.


Wrightson Road, where the Waterfront Complex is located, will be closed to traffic from noon today until 3 pm to facilitate the military guard of honour which President Carmona will inspect prior to his address.