Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has announced a 30-day plan to ration electricity after nationwide power cuts that have inflicted increased hardship on millions of citizens and ignited protests, including one near the presidential palace in Caracas.

The rationing plan is designed help deal with the outages that have also cut off the water supply and communications for days at a time, Mr Maduro said in a speech on national television on Sunday, he also warned against any unrest in reaction to the blackouts.

He blamed the blackout on what he termed a terrorist attack against the electricity system, by Washington and the  opposition.

Earlier on Sunday, Venezuela’s Communication Minister Jorge Rodriguez said that public and private sector workers would stop working at 2pm (18:00 GMT) on Monday while school children will be given another day off as work continues to repair the network.

Aid On The Way

The Red Cross is now readying aid for the country, after Mr Maduro publicly agreed to accept relief from an aid organization, with many families  desperate for water, food and medicine.

We have more on that, in this NBC report.