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Green Band Maxi Taxis Association protest action

Commuters in the Central area may have some travelling issues today as Green Band Maxi Taxis have signalled their intention to have protest action today.

In an interview with News Power Now, President of the Route 3 Green Band Maxi Taxi Association Julian St. George, revealed that the heart of the protest is Government’s failure to make proper arrangements for their maxi taxi drivers.

The demonstration, which was scheduled to begin at 6 0’clock this morning, is expected to affect people commuting between Chaguanas and San Fernando, and between Chaguanas and Port of Spain.


The concern according to the President of the association was that the Government could have explored other options, for example a rental situation for the drivers. Mr. George revealed that the Maxi Taxi Operators had no problem with moving, their issue lay with where they would be relocated to.

Mr. St. George lamented the fact that they were leaving a partially secure environment to move to one without those amenities. He acknowledged the negative impact their protest would have on passengers however he stated that this could not be helped.