Tobago House of Assembly 4It will be very interesting to see what the Tobago House of Assembly gets in terms of the new budget to be read later this month.

This comes from President of the Tobago Business Chamber Demi John Cruikshank.

IN an interview with News Power Now this morning he revealed that the THA would have to be very careful with how it uses its allocation.

Meanwhile a media release issued by THA Chief Secretary focused on illegal vending in Scarborough.

He described illegal vendors as a clutter on Scarborough streets, presenting a challenge to legal vendors and impacting legitimate businesses.

In the release he revealed that he wanted to stop the influx of illegal vendors in Scarborough expected to roll in with the holiday season.

Speaking with us today Demi John Cruikshank said that his Organization sent a letter to the THA requesting immediate help in dealing with the issue of illegal vending in Scarborough.