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President urges citizens to emulate the Prophet Muhammad…

president-carmona1President Anthony Carmona is calling on Muslims and the wider society of Trinidad and Tobago to adhere to the message of benevolence and compassion as lived by the holy Prophet Muhammad.

He said by imitating the life of the prophet of mercy, citizens can regain the soul of this blessed Republic.

In his Eid-ul-Fitr message, the President also said it was regrettable, news reports of the last few days, confirming in graphic fashion, that this beloved country was hurting, that it was becoming a nation in which too many persons follow their basic instincts, acting with a sense of false justification, and a lack of personal accountability.

He said in contrast the holy month of Ramadan, speaks to the human ability to exercise restraint by developing the virtues of discipline, self-control and self-denial for the greater good, virtues the entire society would do well to follow.