President Paula-Mae Weekes, in her Labour Day message to the nation, said while great progress has been made since that turbulent period, many of the grievances advanced by Tubal Uriah Butler and his contemporaries have yet to be fully resolved.

She said many workers still suffered poor wages, job insecurity, and working conditions which did not satisfy occupational safety and health standards. She said despite legal and institutional frameworks intended to facilitate mediation and the resolution of industrial disputes, the relationship of the state, the private sector, and labour continued to be adversarial with little indication of understanding and compromise.


Citizens Put On Back Burner

Meanwhile Political Leader of the Movement for Social Justice, David Abdullah has said that the interest of citizens have been put on a back burner by both the present and past Government.

Speaking with News Power during Labour Day celebrations in Fyzabad on Wednesday, Mr Abdullah said that nothing has changed in the country, due to a current system which supports and funds the elites in society.

Abdullah also said the MSJ will be throwing their hat into the ring for both the upcoming Local Government Elections and the General Elections, as they seek justice for all citizens and not a selected few.