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People’s National Movement Government 2015

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley yesterday lashed back at critics of his government, namely the Opposition, saying as much as they

continued to criticize every effort being made by government to expand the economy, they have not told the country that during their

tenure in government, they had spent the money earmarked for development.

Prime Minister Dr. Rowley had been speaking during the PNM’s 45th constituency conference at St Anthony’s College in West Trinidad.


People’s Partnership Government 2010

He continued by explaining that there will likely be job losses, even though government had been making every effort to avoid such.

Among projects carded to begin soon, according to the Prime Minister are the construction of a state-of-the-art police station in

Carenage, part of a revamping of the Marine Interdiction Branch to combat the narcotics trade as well as the construction of a state of

the art hospital in Sangre Grande. He also announced plans for new Carenage Fishing Complex.