Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley today said government will now look at bringing some categories of citizens who are abroad, back into the country. He made it abundantly clear however that, many factors relative to possible risk, would be taken into strong consideration.

The Prime Minister spoke during today’s virtual media conference. He said the mandatory quarantine that is being funded by the state is not common place, explains that the number of rooms available in the system must be looked at and for those people who are brought into the country, government will move to suit, based on the category of rooms available.

Dr. Rowley said there are different demands for different room categories, based on patient diagnosis. The Prime Minister further stated that the management of that determines the flow of people brought in. Additionally, the Prime Minister said care and consideration would be taken in making any decision relative to bringing persons into T&T, from territories that are festered with COVID-19 cases.

He called on the population to continue to be patient, saying this is not politics but patience, not voodoo, but science, which has worked for the country thus far.