Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley has commented on the continuing saga of the supposed candidacy screening by the PNM of Fuad Abu Bakr.

Referencing a newspaper article, the Prime Minister said in a Facebook post that the “fanciful musings of Mr. Fuad Abu Bakr have now found prime space on the front page of the Guardian”. 

Dr. Rowley noted he could not remember the last time he spoke to the gentleman and most certainly have never invited him into the PNM far less through a back door which is zealously and heavily guarded by the articles of the party’s constitution. 
He commended Mr Bakr’s interest in the PNM and his wanting to do a national service.

However the Prime Minister said his bizarre way of going about it has cause him to instruct the Party’s General Secretary to thank Mr Bakr for the interest shown and enclose a copy of the PNM’s Constitution with the relevant sections on membership, the Screening process and candidate selection duly highlighted for ease of reference.