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Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Rowley

Continued scrutiny and criticism on the issue of the re-application of 15% VAT on some food items, by the PNM government when it took office, this morning provoked a response by this country’s Prime Minister.

On the weekend, news emerged that some supermarkets and restaurants have been unfairly increasing the cost of some food items by, in some cases double the required amount. This morning, Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley reminded the population that when the decision to remove VAT from 7000 food items, was decided upon by former Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar, the PNM had stood against it.

The Prime Minister noted that VAT is a monetary collection mechanism and by re-instituting the VAT on certain food items, his government has set about to improve the country’s revenue collection mechanism.

On the shrewd practices of some 137 supermarket and restaurants found to be in violation of violations of the new value added tax (VAT) regime, the Prime Minister said he is surprised that no one has been taken before the court to date.

Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Rowley