Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Rowley during his news briefing  on Wednesday, said the government has chosen not to go along the lines of creating refugee camps in the country.

He was speaking at the VIP Lounge at Piarco International Airport, on his return from the US. He said in talks with Archbishop Jason Gordon, he agreed on a method to provide humanitarian  assistances to Venezuelan nationals in this country.

Dr. Rowley said in an effort to ensure that order and safety remains, his office along with the Minister of National Security will bring to cabinet a process of registration for Venezuelan nationals residing in T&T.

When asked if the  government will acknowledge Venezuela’s Opposition Leader, Juan Guaido as President, Dr. Rowley said that the political players in Venezuela ought to work out their internal problems. He said Trinidad and Tobago made contact with Nicholas Maduro long before this issue arose.


Border Protection

Dr Rowley also commented on the importance of the protection of our the country’s  borders.

Reports indicate that relatives were in the process of trying to raise a US$200,000 ran­som in ex­change for the safe re­turn of five kid­napped fish­er­men.

There is word today that one of the men Jer­ry O’Bri­an has re­turned home after a US$ 30 thousand dollar ransom part payment was made.

Jer­ry and his broth­er Ja­son O’Bri­an, along with Ricky Ramb­harose of Fyz­abad, Jagdesh Jude Jaikaran, 16, Bran­don Ar­joon  and Lin­ton Manohar – all of Morne Di­a­blo – were re­port­ed­ly kid­napped by Span­ish speak­ing men dur­ing a fish­ing ex­pe­di­tion.

Prime Minister Rowley state that if borders are not controlled these incidents would continue to occur.

And Police Commissioner, Gary Griffith, says coastal border patrols will be enhanced in terms of capacity and equipment.

He made revelation during a Joint Select Committee hearing on Wednesday.