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Prime Minister says Government would double efforts to protect citizens.

Prime Minister says Government would double efforts to protect citizens.

Those who provide security to the nations as well as citizens have been assured that Government would double its efforts to protect, secure and ensure an environment “that is not conducive to fear and terror”.

The assurance came from Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley by way of a statement. Dr. Rowley extended condolences to the family and friends of Prisons Officer Fitzalbert Victor Jr, who was gunned down in front of his Laventille home on Monday.
Victor was the third Prisons Officer slain in the past year and it has caused outrage among the ranks of the Prisons Service, which has blamed the state for failing to implement legislation to protect prisons officers.

Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Rowley

Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Rowley

Rowley’s statement, which responded to complaints from the Prisons Service, came at the same time yesterday that National Security Minister Edmund Dillon  met with the executive of the T&T Police Service on various issues, from crime to police management, and gave them the assurance his team would treat urgently with issues raised by them.

Rowley, in his statement on Victor’s death, said: “One could not overstate the importance of the work done by the men and women of the Prisons Service, Police, Coast Guard, Regiment and other arms of the nation’s security system, who put their lives on the line and stand in defence and promotion of law and order in our communities. If they did not he said, the result will undoubtedly be anarchy.”

He also said that the level of violent crime and criminal conduct is objectionable and continues to attract the full attention of the Cabinet, National Security Council and all other arms of the State, whose duty it is to work assiduously to ensure that we return, in the shortest possible time, to good order, peace, safety and security in T&T.”







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    Hans-Elmar 3 years

    Wow the Primeminister has spoken. At lot of things are easier said than done. Hopefully the minister of national security has a clue how to protect members of the security system against crime. T&T is an the brink of anarchy.Big criminals like those who import drugs and weapons are untouchable.Witnesses are murdered even though they are under protection. All these happens far years and no political administration whether NAR,PNM or Kamlas party are able to solve the extreme high crime rate of T&T. The nation needs more wisdom to solve crime. The country has to cooperate with other caribbean countries and Guyana to find a regional solution. Furthermore an authority is needed to supervise the work of the police.The answer to all the problems is less regiment and more police with an effective secret service. Hopefully the minister of national security is aware of the and will instruct the Primeminister accordingly. If crime continues as before the Primeminister of such a country can call himself Crimeminister.