Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley has been encouraged to deal with what has been described as the fiasco surrounding Housing Minister Marlene Mc Donald.

This has come from Princes Town MP Barry Padarath.

In a release issued this morning, Mr. Padarath also called on Ms. McDonald to step down from her portfolio until the Police and Integrity Commission completed their investigation.

In the release he stated that the Opposition did not intend to let up on this issue.

He called for Ms. McDonald’s removal from her portfolio with immediate effect.

The Princes Town MP stated that he hoped the Prime Minister was ready to work full time on his return to the country today stating that he needed to address several burning issues that he left in limbo before departing on another jaunt in Miami.

Padarath divulged that the Opposition intended to raise in the Parliament on Friday the allegations of misbehavior in public office.

He further added that Energy Minister Nicole Oliverre would also face the brunt of the Opposition on Friday for her silence on the energy sector, in light of Dr. Rowley’s address to the nation as well as her roll in soliciting funds through her MP’s office from state entities under her purview as Minister of Energy.

Padarath called upon the Prime Minister to be prepared to do the right thing upon his return to Trinidad and Tobago later today and warned that the Opposition was not going to stay quiet on these matters where there is a brazen violation of the Integrity in Public Life Act.