The National Primary Schools Principals Association is today expressing concern about where funding is coming from to prepare schools to house SEA students who are due to return to the learning institutions on July 20th.

The examinations are due to be written on August 20th. President of the Association Lance Mottley spoke
says the principals received a communique from the Ministry of Educations about how they are to prepare for the
accommodation of the students, however he said it lacked details about exactly how the social distancing protocols would apply and how the principals are to fund the accommodation changes and PPE requirements.


In May, Chief Education Officer Lisa Henry-David said the health ministry was giving guidance on the preparations to open schools in preparation for CXC. The Health Ministry’s mandate to assist the educational institutions included proper physical infrastructure, social distancing, signage for hygienic measures, cleaning and sanitising of schools.

She had said that memos were sent to principals outlining personal hygiene measures, such as no sharing of stationery such as pens, markers/ signage, and also instruction that people keep six to ten feet from each other, and desks be placed at safe distances apart from each other.

New protocols at schools also included staggered entry and exit of people to avoid gathering and thermal scanners for screening process as people enter the compound.