The brother of a 33 year old Prison’s Officer, believed to have been murdered, is being held by police in connection with the crime.

Police and coast guard officers were today searching for the Rishi Sankar, who, according to a neighbor at Stone Road, Piparo, has not been seen since last week Wednesday.

The man, reported to police that Sankar’s brother, who was deported from the USA for drug offences in May this year, had been seen driving Sankar’s vehicle.

An investigation was started by Sgt Ramlogan and Corporal Nanan of the Princes Town Police station and it was subsequently learnt that Sankar last reported to work on June 19th and was expected to resume duties on June 23rd, however he did not report for duty.

Sankar’s brother, when questioned by police told the lawmen that he had stolen his brother’s vehicle to take his common law wife and her two children, and a female friend to Mayaro beach on Monday. Questioned further however, the man confessed that he had chopped his brother at his home and wrapped him in plastic before dumping the body over a cliff in Manzanilla. He also directed officers to the man’s house where he said they would find evidence of the crime. Officers are said to have found a large amount of blood.

The perpetrator told police that he had committed the act because his brother had been having an affair with his ex-wife, something that caused him much hurt.

Police are now arranging to outfit the perpetrator with a legal aid attorney so he can be informed of his rights and also that he may take police to the exact location where Sankar’s body was dumped.

The search will continue tomorrow.