Unfortunately, it cannot be said for a certainty that a prison break would not happen again.

This is according to Prisons Commissioner Gerard Wilson.

He told the hosts of the Power Breakfast Show on Power 102fm that there would always be an unguarded moment that could lead to incidents such as a prison break, or a riot.

He noted that these are issues that are faced all around the world.

When asked if there was any camera footage of the recent prison break, Commissioner Wilson said that while there are some cameras in the prison system, more updates are needed.


No Repeat Of 2015 Jail Break

President of the Prison Officers Association Cerron Richards says he hopes that investigation into the jail break by the eight prisoners does not mirror the situation in 2015.

He says that date there is no evidence of any investigation being conducted either by the prison service or police authorities into the prison break in 2015.

On July 24th 2015 Allan ‘Scanny’ Martin, Christopher ‘Monster’ Selby and Hassan Atwell forced their way out of the Port of Spain Prison, wounding a prison officer and killing Police Constable Sherman Maynard in their bid for freedom.

Mr Richards said that any results of an investigation remain just as mysterious today as it did back then.

He said to make matters worse even though there was no investigations carried out officers were still charged in the incident.

Richards stated that there was no natural justice served with regards to those officers who were charged.