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Production levels critically low due to strike action, says State Company Petrotrin…

Business NewsStrike action at Petrotrin Trinmar Operation has reportedly left production levels at the company critically low.

In a statement issued late yesterday, Petrotrin said that it was informed of a stand-off between marine contractors and their employees.

The employees said that their main grievance was their current rates of remuneration.

The company said that while the industrial action did not directly involve Company employees, the stand-off has resulted in the unavailability of marine transport to access offshore locations.

Petrotrin said its ability to access offshore locations is affecting the company’s ability to service marine field installations.

The company said it has written to all its marine contractors with reference to their contractual obligations to the Company.

Petrotrin added that it has put measures in place to ensure supplies are not affected.






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    Trinidad mooring & Launch refuse to pay the rate