Power Breakfast Show Selected Interviews

The Nation’s Top Early Morning Programme – with Interviews and discussions on the day’s top stories and issues.

State of the Nation

Daily updates on the latest Current Affairs issues affecting the Nation

Healthy Living & Mind, Body and Soul

Brilliant and Inspiring discussions targeting the total wellness of one’s self … Join us as we Educate and Motivate you in 2 weekly programs, Healthy Living on Tuesdays at 2pm and Mind Body and Soul on Thursdays at 10am.

Facing The Issues with Tony Fraser

Veteran Journalist Tony Fraser tackles the big Issues weekly on Wednesdays from 2pm. Recordings of his Programs and opportunities to interact are available…

Impact T&T with Andy Johnson

Every Sunday Andy Johnson invites the Top Newsmakers for the week ahead…

In Focus – The Future of Trade Unions

Air Date  Sept 26th 2018  

In Focus – State Enterprises and Agencies

Air Date – Oct 24th

in FOCUS – The Future of Calypso

This week’s in Focus program takes a look at the Calypso artform and its artists. What does the future hold, what is being done by TUCO (The Trinbago Unified Calypsonians’ Organisation) to represent and assist calypsonians. We have a full day of experts and artists to delve deep into our culture and answer the questions affecting […]

In Focus – 2018 A Retrospective

We look back at the Year 2018 – Its highs and lows, the top stories in News and Sports and the Interviews on Power 102fm. Recordings from the days Programming will appear below