Minister of Justice Prakash Ramadhar

Property deeds may no longer be needed for bailable offenses. This according to Minister of Justice Prakash Ramadhar who said that The Legislative Review Commission have held several discussions in an effort to improve the process of how citizens apply and are granted bail.

According to Minister Ramadhar,citizens may no longer need property deeds to be put up as bail and that the bail being granted to people will not only be by property deeds but also by cash and cheques. Ramadhar said they are working towards legislative recognition for cash deposit bail or bail by certified cheque.

Minister Ramadhar also held discussions with acting Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams and Commissioner of Prisons Sterling Stewart, which focused on the complaints raised by the public on the dangers citizens face on the roads from speeding vehicles transporting prisoners.Ramadhar also disclosed that the Justice Ministry is working with the stakeholders to not only alleviate the concerns of the public with respect to the speeding of these security vehicles, but also the overcrowding in the prisons.

He pointed out that one of the problems that lead to the overcrowding of the jails was that people cannot access bail as they do not have deeds.

. Instructions have also been given to ensure that there is no speeding and reckless driving while transporting prisoners to and from the courts.